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How To Use Selenite Tower

There are many benefits of using Selenite in your home and office. Not only does it purify the environment, but it also amplify the energy of all other stones in the grid. If you are considering purchasing one, here are some tips on how to use it: Keep it near your door, in your office, or even on your desk. Wave it over your body before going to bed or tackling your day. The crystal will cleanse your body of negative energy and clear out your aura.

The first step in using a Selenite tower is to find one that fits your needs. The larger the piece of Selenite, the greater the cleansing power of the crystal. The size of the crystal will determine the length of time it takes to charge. Choose the smallest one you can afford, and place it in a circle around the tower. This way, it will cleanse your crystals quickly, and you will be able to focus your energy elsewhere.

Another important step in using Selenite is to clean it. It should be cleaned regularly to remove any accumulated negative energy. If you are cleansing yourself, you should use it once a week. Adding selenite to your bath or shower will help you eliminate toxins and improve your circulation. If you are looking to make a beautiful tower, you should use Selenite instead of marble. This is easier to work with than you may think.

Selenite is an excellent choice for cleansing. This stone will dispel negative energy and make you feel calm and clear. You can use it as a meditation tool and as a protective shield for your space. You can even meditate on it while it protects you from negative energy. Then, when you’re not using it, you can focus on your goals and enjoy a peaceful environment. When used in conjunction with other gemstones, Selenite will allow you to receive the healing benefits of both.

If you’re looking for a unique way to cleanse your home and business, try using a Selenite tower. It can be used for a variety of purposes and has many beautiful qualities. Just be sure to choose the right stone for your needs. It will be perfect for your needs. Once you’ve chosen a selenite tower, be sure to keep it dry. It will prevent splinters and chipping.

When cleansing a crystal, Selenite is an excellent choice. It dispels negative energy and attracts positive energy. When used correctly, it is an effective cleansing tool for the skeletal system. It will also protect the space from harmful energy and provide clarity. You can even use it for meditation. You can also place it around a crystal to make it more powerful. This type of Selenite tower is a great way to clean your crystals.

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