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Evander Holyfield Bars

Evander Holyfield Barred From Fighting in New York

Evander Holyfield has been barred from fighting in New York. The athletic commission has suspended Holyfield’s boxing license indefinitely and placed him on an indefinite medical suspension. Holyfield, 48, lost his fight against Larry Donald in New York. It was a unanimous decision. Holyfield has won only two of his nine previous fights. Here are a few of the most notable reasons why the boxer was banned from the state.

Despite his storied career in boxing, Evander Holyfield has been far from humble in his recent endeavors. The former heavyweight champion was successful in boxing, earning hundreds of millions of dollars while competing. He was also a heavyweight world champion in the ring, when being heavyweight meant something. Sadly, Evander Holyfield’s fights were cut short in recent years. His most recent venture was to file for bankruptcy in 2013. His bankruptcy forced him sell all of his memorabilia including his championship belt.

Holyfield has fought for five different world titles as a professional. He won the WBC title in 1986, and defended it three times, including once in 1992. He also defeated Larry Holmes and George Foreman. Evander Holyfield’s first defeat was to Riddick Bowe, who would later surrender the title to Evander Holyfield. Holyfield defeated Bowe in a rematch, but lost the WBC title in a controversial ruling.

Many people are not familiar with Evander Holyfield’s name despite his popularity. But now, this former heavyweight champ is heading to Birmingham to appear at the Premier Suite, just above Bar Sport. Evander Holyfield may be joined by fellow heavyweight fighter Tim Witherspoon, though it has not been confirmed yet. This would be a great coup for Premier Suite in Birmingham. When Evander Holyfield fights Tyson in his hometown, the Premier Suite will be packed with fans.

After his defeats by Donald and Toney, Holyfield’s comeback is underway. Holyfield has been in eight of his ten last fights in the two years since his loss to Toney and looks much better. Critics who claimed he lacked a cutting edge or the ability to follow crucial openings, he answered. In August 2006, Holyfield defeated Jeremy Bates. In that fight, Evander Holyfield landed twenty straight punches, tagging the ring score.

Holyfield fought for the WBA title and the IBF title over the next five years. His rematch against Bowe on November 6, 1993, was the most bizarre moment in boxing history. Holyfield allegedly told Bowe to look at the sky. A parachute-wearing man flew close to the ring, landing on the apron with ropes. The crowd and a spectator at the ring beat the man.