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Post Doctoral Research Jobs Canada

Post Doctoral Research Jobs Canada

Canada needs post-doctoral researchers to conduct research projects. There are many post-doctoral opportunities available to the government. Post-doctoral fellows are appointed for a two-year term and receive a salary commensurate with their experience. They are also eligible to receive the same benefits as research officers. Post-doctoral fellows are also assigned a travel fund.

The post-doctoral research program is a unique opportunity for professional development, building on previous research, and transitioning students into independent scholars. Post-doctoral candidates work alongside some of the world’s top professors, and they’re immersed in an environment that promotes and encourages excellence. A post-doctoral researcher should be familiar with their rights and responsibilities, as well as how to register.

Post-doctoral fellows can work at a Canadian or foreign institution. They may be able conduct research with Indigenous communities or engage in research-creation. In addition to postdoctoral fellowships, SSHRC offers supplementary funding to award holders, some through joint initiatives. This means that the federal agency can collaborate with other sectors to address specific needs.