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Fortune No 1 in Monterey Park, CA

Fortune No 1 serves Chinese cuisine. It’s located at 138 E. Garvey Ave in Monterey Park, CA. The service is slow and the wait can be long. Its decor is Chinese. While it doesn’t have an exceptional Google rating, it’s evocative of China. The food is good, and the prices are reasonable.

In 1995, Fortune began ranking companies by size. Today, the Fortune Global 500 list ranks the world’s largest corporations. Saudi Aramco, for example, is the world’s sixth largest company by revenue, with earnings of $105 billion. Businesses of all sizes face challenges in the 21st century, from inflation to the looming fears of recession to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The number one spot has been held by Walmart for two decades, but Amazon is closing the gap. Despite being far bigger, Amazon’s gross merchandise sales are on pace to surpass those of Walmart. According to a new report from Edge by Ascential, Amazon will top Walmart by 2025. This would be a massive change for both companies.