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Fleetwood Wilderness Travel Trailer Floor Plans

Fleetwood Wilderness Travel Trailer Floor Plans

Fleetwood wilderness travel trailer floor plans provide numerous options for camping with family and friends. Whether you prefer an open floor plan with more living space, or prefer bunk models to accommodate travel with children, fleetwood wilderness has the trailer that best meets your needs.

Wolf Pup X-Lite 19DBXL

This open-floor travel trailer from Wolf Pup is perfect for outdoor-minded families that take camping seriously, offering features like a large sofa bed, compact bathroom, kitchenette and multiple overhead cabinets.

The Wolf Pup X-Lite travel trailer may be one of the more cost-effective travel trailers on the market, but that shouldn’t make it any less comfortable for you or your family of up to six people. Its spacious interior will allow them to experience their vacation together!

You can add multiple slide-outs to the X-Lite for even greater flexibility and storage capacity, while overhead cabinets adorning its walls make organizing your belongings effortless.

This camping rig is the ideal solution for outdoor adventurers with growing families. It provides enough room to accommodate everyone comfortably while being compact enough to easily maneuver around campgrounds.

The front bedroom and bathroom are discreetly situated away from the main living area, while a single slide-out opens a spacious dinette for dining and lounging purposes. Furthermore, a bunk bed sits behind for extra sleeping options when guests visit.

Finding an RV that suits your specific needs can be an exhausting search, so we have an impressive selection of Wolf Pup travel trailers so you can find something ideal!

Wolf Pup Travel Trailers Are Ideal for Campers

Wolf Pup travel trailers are a popular choice among travelers, offering various styles to meet all kinds of camping adventures. No matter your budget or personal tastes, there is sure to be one waiting just for you.

Wolf Pup travel trailers provide something to meet every type of traveler, from solo journeyers to families looking for affordable options with spacious floorplans – you are sure to find one perfect for you and yours here! Below, we have assembled five affordable Wolf Pup models featuring excellent floor plans – so take your pick and make this family trip!