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Stephanie Fortune Colorado Springs

Councilwoman Stephanie Fortune of Colorado Springs, Colo., Has Been Appointed to the City Council

Councilwoman Fortune was recently appointed to the City Council. She replaces longtime Councilman Richard Skorman, who recently resigned from his seat to focus on the city’s growing business community. Fortune is well connected to business and nonprofit organizations, including her role as board member of the Pikes Peak United Way. She is also a strong supporter for the police and fire departments.

Four of the seven City Council members supported Fortune, including Mayor Bill Ritter. Residents preferred more experienced candidates, such as incumbent Dave Donelson. However, they were disappointed when Fortune was selected. Donelson withdrew his support on Monday, leaving the Council 4-4 deadlocked on Fortune’s appointment.

Fortune is an old hand in political circles and has held several political positions in the city. She was previously the director of government affairs for the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. She has been involved with local politics for over a decade. She took her first job in the government sector when she was just 16 years old, distributing meals to military families.