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Which Of The Following Relationships Is Correct

Which of the Following Relationships is Correct?

Which of the following relationships is correct? Which of these is incorrect? If you answered D, choose B or C. If you answered F, choose G. What do you think is the correct answer? Do you agree with this statement? If you agree, you have the right answer! Now, let’s look at some other questions you might have. Which of the following relationships is correct Which one should you choose?


Which of these relationships is correct? The answer to this question depends on which of the above statements you want to believe. The central C atom is sp2 hybridized and therefore, its bond angle should be 1200. O is attached to C by a double bond, whose electrons repel those of the C-H and C-F single bonds. Because the three angles are not equal, the bond angle for H-C–F and F–C-O will be lower than 1200, and the one for F–C-O more than that.


The central C atom is sp2 hybridized. The three bond angles are therefore not equal. The H-C-F double bond will be less than 1200 degrees. Likewise, the F-C-O double bond will be more than 1200 degrees. These are the relationships we’ve covered so far. Which one is correct? Consider the three different atoms that are attached to C. They have different electronegativities, so the bond angles will vary.


Which of the following relationships is correct? If the answer is A, then the relationship between T and P is sp2 hybridized. The bond angle for the central C atom is 1200. There is also a double bond attached at O. Since the double bond electrons repel the electrons of the single bonds on C-H and C-F, the triple bond has a greater angle than that of the single bond on H-C.


The volume of a gas at constant temperature and pressure is directly proportional its temperature. The same holds true for its pressure. At any constant temperature, the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to its pressure. Which of the following is incorrect? Explain your answer. What is the relationship between temperature and volume? Which is the correct one? And why? Let’s look at two examples.


Let’s say a substance has three different atoms and three different bond types. Which one of the following relationships is correct Each atom has a different amount of electronegativities. The C-H-F double bonds have fewer electrons than C-O double bonds, which increases the angle between them to more than 1200 degrees. Similarly, the F-C-O double bond has more electrons than the C-H-F single bond.