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Buccaneer Travel Trailer

Buccaneer Travel Trailer

Buccaneer travel trailers are a top choice among families for cross-country journeys, manufactured by Elddis – one of the leading caravan and motorhome manufacturers in England.

Buccaneer has a proud tradition of crafting luxurious caravans with innovative design and top-tier furnishings. As part of the Explorer Group, owned by Erwin Hymer Group, Buccaneer continues to set itself apart with superior craftsmanship and advanced technology.

Buccaneer offers five 8-foot models with four and six beds, such as the Aruba, Commodore, Cruiser and Barracuda.

Buccaneer models boast spacious living areas with large windows and rooflights allowing natural light to pour in. For instance, the Cruiser features a generous kitchen at the centre of the van with an oven, grill and hob plus it also has a 155L Dometic fridge-freezer and built-in microwave – everything you need for stress-free holiday cooking!

A Buccaneer offers plenty of storage, with large wardrobes either side of the beds and a nearside locker that can store plenty of equipment. Unfortunately, the 40-litre onboard water tank takes up plenty of room as well.

Additionally, the Buccaneer is equipped with an E&P remote-control self-levelling system that quickly levels itself out on any hillside or shallow valley.

Furthermore, the SoLiD construction process used in this caravan is a reliable chemical bonding technique that eliminates water ingress, significantly increases structural rigidity, reduces weight and maximizes fuel consumption.

The Buccaneer offers an unrivalled touring experience inside, boasting stylish LED lighting and tinted windows for tinting, as well as the spacious Sky-Scape sunroof that floods it with natural light. It has been designed to provide you with a luxurious caravan that rivals some of the top models on the market.