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Miss Fortune Aram Runes

Summoning Miss Fortune in Ram Runes

Miss Fortune is a great AD carry with one of the highest damage outputs of any AD champion. While she doesn’t have a great range or mobility, her spells are still very effective, and she should be aggressive early on in the game. Make It Rain and Double Up are excellent spells to use to hit enemy champions and slow them down. You can also use Strut to get within range of your target.

Using Miss Fortune’s passive is a great way to get your team to take down more enemy champions in the early game, and her abilities drain the enemy’s mana pool. Eventually, you can upgrade your passive to Manamune or Muramana. These items have scaling stats and can be a great tool against squishies and balanced enemies. When you get to the late game, you can even use Bloodthirster to gain an advantage.

The second way to play Miss Fortune is to focus on her ultimate. Bullet Time is a powerful gank that can deal a lot of damage. Combine this with Make It Rain and you’ll have a devastating attack. However, she lacks dash, so her ultimate often needs to be played by other team members. Therefore, her second Summoner Spell should be Exhaust.

You can also use Double Up to initiate a battle. Make sure you’re close to your enemy to use this move. If your enemy uses Phantom Dancer, make sure to use Double Up to keep Miss Fortune moving. This will help her take out more enemies in a shorter amount of time. Then, you can switch to Make it Rain, which is a very powerful move that makes her more powerful.