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Cedric Ceballos Net Worth

Cedric Ceballos, an American basketball player, has a net worth $8 million. He was born in 1969 and played for the Phoenix Suns as well as the Los Angeles Lakers, netting a total of $8 million. His NBA basketball career was very polished. He was a top scorer for both the Suns as well as the Lakers. Ceballos is a professional basketball player and sports personality.

Aside from his successful career as a basketball player, Ceballos is a social media personality who has nearly twenty-eight thousand Twitter followers. His NBA career began with an album with Warren G in 1994. He went on to make his NBA debut in the 2005 All-Star Game. He turned professional the following year and became part-owner of an ABA team. Ceballos’ networth is unknown due to a lack of regular updates.

Since his career as a basketball player was cut short by injury, Ceballos has spent the last five years trying to raise his net worth. Although he has been active in the basketball world and has continued to improve his skills, his net worth is still not at its highest. For his recent court appearances, the NBA will pay him $28 million. Ceballos is no longer an option for anyone looking to raise funds.

Ceballos’ net worth is estimated at $8 million. Ceballos is an internet celebrity despite his stellar basketball career. His appearances on Nickelodeon’s “Sort it Out” show attracted a lot attention. His song “The Big Shot” was also included in the soundtrack. His Twitter account has more than eight thousand followers. In addition to his sports career, he also has a lucrative media career, and is a frequent guest on popular television shows.

Ceballos was the 48th overall pick in Round 2 of the 1990 NBA draft. After four years with the Suns, Ceballos joined the Los Angeles Lakers. His career is filled with remarkable performances. The former Hawaiin was born on August 2, 1969, and attended Manuel Dominguez High School in Compton, California. His famed skills helped him win the 1992 Olympic Gold Medal for Mexico.

Cyndee Ceballos is another notable aspect of Ceballos net worth. Cyndee was born in 1994 and is a WNBA star. Cyndee is not known to be the mother of his child. Ceballos’ mother allegedly sued Ceballos for her daughter’s sake in 2001, claiming she was his ex-girlfriend. His daughter is still a significant part his life, despite the fact that the lawsuit was dismissed.

Ceballos earned millions of dollars as a basketball player. His Basketball Player career is his primary source of income. His birthstones were Sardonyx, and Peridot. His life path number is eight and his ruling planet is the Sun. His birthday is August 2nd, and he will turn 54 in 2023. He is currently in multiple relationships but has not revealed his relationships with anyone.