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People’s Elbow Gif

The Rock’s People’s Elbow GIF

People’s Elbow is one of the most iconic finishing moves in the history of wrestling. It is a unique way to finish off an opponent, and has become a worldwide phenomenon. The Rock is renowned for this move, and has delivered it many times in his career.

Originally, The Rock’s People’s Elbow was intended as an absurdity, with the move meant to give The Undertaker a good chuckle. He wanted to come up with a way to beat him up, and thought that he could make it look funny with a big drop elbow. In reality, the move was supposed to be a simple elbow drop, but with added theatrics. However, the move turned out to be so popular that it has since become a signature finisher for The Rock.

The Rock first came up with the idea to use People’s Elbow at a house show, and then decided to use it in his matches. He had never been able to get the Undertaker to laugh in his matches, so he thought that this would be a great way to pull his opponents off. When he wrestled Bulldog, he was able to deliver it, and he won the match. The move later became so popular that it would go on to win several championships.

The Rock has since gone on to become a superstar, and is involved in television production and a successful tequila brand. Though he is now 50, he is still active in wrestling and has a lot to offer. As his career continues, he hopes to continue his legacy by delivering the People’s Elbow and showing the world what he can do. For more information on The Rock, visit his website. You can also check out a GIF featuring his legendary “People’s Elbow.” So, what’s your favorite part about this awesome move?