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Jamey Johnson They Call Me Country

They Call Me Country

What do you think when you hear “Jamie Johnson” on the radio? Are you familiar with his music? If not, then you have probably heard about him. Johnson signed with BNA Records in 2005 and his debut single “The Dollar” was released in 2006. His debut album The Dollar peaked at No. 14 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, but he failed to chart with his second single. The label dropped Johnson from its roster after that.

Johnson began performing in nightclubs after many years of success and opened for many famous singers. He even played Hank Williams’ graveside. His performance is still visible on the guitar. Then, Johnson started studying music theory and began writing songs. Johnson dropped out of Jacksonville State University after graduating from high school to pursue his dream of being a country music star. He joined the Marine Corps Reserves, and was later deployed to Iraq.