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Time Travel Romance Books

Popular Time Travel Romance Books

Time travel romance books are a popular subgenre of fiction that follows stories where the heroine travels back in time to meet her beloved. This genre appeals especially to readers who appreciate romantic novels set in historical settings.

Romances can be intricate affairs, often featuring elements of intrigue, mystery and adventure. At their core however, romance typically centers on two characters who live in distinct eras sharing an intense bond.

Time travel romance books come in many forms, but some of the most beloved involve novels featuring time-traveling agents who come together to battle against their pasts and secure their futures.

Many books feature main characters who are separated from their loved ones and sent back in time to find their true mate. As you root for these couples to achieve a happy ending, the book will capture your heart.

These time-travelling romances are essential reading for anyone who appreciates novels with action, adventure and romance. Not only that but they provide an opportunity to delve into history – particularly medieval and early modern periods – through captivating narratives.

Jude Deveraux’s A Knight In Shining Armor is one of the most beloved time-travel novels ever written. In this romantic tale, Dougless Montgomery weeps on top of a tombstone when she meets Nicholas Stafford – an armor-clad earl from 16th century who passed away in 1564.

Douglass struggles to understand her feelings for the earl as he pursues her, realizing that love can be difficult between different generations. Additionally, Douglass struggles with her feelings towards him and this leads her to discover their true natures.

This classic time-travel romance is ideal for fans of Jane Austen. In the book, a group of historians send 16-year-old Kaia back in time to witness significant events that are taking place in the past.

Return Once More offers a unique take on time-travel romances. Set in the future, this story follows a teenager as she joins an exclusive time-travelling group.

Bennett, who lives in 1995 Chicago and Anna, who resides in 2012 San Francisco, never expected to cross paths. But when Bennett’s ability to time travel brings them together, they are thrust into an exciting new realm of possibility and discovery.

They must decide how far they are willing to go for each other in order to maintain their relationship. Their passion will capture your heart, testing both of their commitments to one another.

If you’re a fan of time-travel romances, these are some of the best novels to read in 2018. These stories will transport you to other eras and cultures while introducing you to some fascinating characters from around the globe.

These books not only boast amazing writing and captivating storylines, but they also showcase some of the most stunning landscapes. Many popular time-travel romances take place in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Must Love Chainmail by Angela Quarles is an engaging book that brings the romance and history of medieval Scotland together in one captivating tale. Its time travel element stands out more than other books as Michele, the heroine, uses her journal to navigate between her present life and Philip’s in medieval Scotland.