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Oliver Peoples Jaye

Oliver Peoples Jaye Sunglasses

Founded in 1987, Oliver Peoples has always had an affinity for crafting superior quality eyewear. Starting out as a boutique in Los Angeles, the brand has since expanded to the UK and a host of international locales. As well as the traditional sunglasses, the company also offers an eponymous range of unisex frames. From their flagship Jaye OV5417SU style to the more practical Osten, the company has a pair of shades for every personality type.

As a result, the company’s eyewear collection carries a sophisticated and timeless appeal. Their sunglass line is particularly impressive, with lenses that combine decades of experience with advanced technologies to create the ultimate visual experience. In addition to the usual suspects, the company also has a special place in its heart for photochromic mineral glass sun lenses. These lenses are renowned for their high-tech features, such as a polarized coating that helps to block out harmful UV rays, which are known to cause damage to eyes. They are also available in a host of rich colors.

The name Oliver Peoples has long been synonymous with quality and service, two traits that are not only reflected in the brand’s wares, but in the company’s culture. Although the company has grown, its focus remains on craftsmanship and customer service. If you’re looking to shop for the brand’s latest wares, you can visit an authorized stockist such as Camden Opticians. Alternatively, you can order your new Oliver Peoples sunglasses online. Or you could take advantage of the brand’s payment plans. For instance, the brand now accepts Afterpay and Zippay. And for those who prefer to buy in person, you can drop by one of the many Oliver Peoples stores across the country.

Although it’s not a secret that the best way to see the world is through a pair of polarized Oliver Peoples sunglasses, they don’t come cheap. To make sure that you’re getting the best deal, you’ll want to shop around. This includes comparing the cost of a pair of Jaye sunglasses with a frame from another popular designer. Also, remember that a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses is not a one-size-fits-all product, so you might need to consider ordering a second pair for when you’re in a pinch. Additionally, you may want to consider a protective case or case cover. You can use these to prevent scratches and keep your glasses looking their best.

One of the most useful aspects of any Oliver Peoples product is its attention to detail. For example, the brand’s signature Jaye OV5417SU sunglass is made from translucent military green acetate and fixed with premium glass lenses. With a stylish shape and a smart design, this pair of sunnies is a must have. A protective case and cleaning cloth are included.

Other highlights include the MP-2 Clip, which is a small and lightweight clip on sunglass that is perfect for those times when you just don’t feel like pulling your eyewear off your face. Lastly, the brand’s newest entrant, the Osten, is a must have for anyone who wants a stylish and substantial acetate frame in their life.