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Magnum Research Baby Eagle

Magnum Research’s Baby Eagle III

Magnum Research is returning to the market with the new Baby Eagle III series. The pistol, which has been a shooting icon since the 1980s, features a slimmer grip and a smoother profile than previous versions. Both the steel and polymer framed models are offered in 9mm,.40 S&W, and the company is aiming to make the pistol available in full and semi-compact sizes.

The Baby Desert Eagle is a popular handgun with excellent value and plenty of firepower. Many shooters enjoy its comfortable grip. It weighs 38.6 ounces unloaded, which makes it feel quite heavy when you open it. The gun has a 4.52-inch barrel and comes with two 10 or 15-round magazines. It also has a steel frame and is easily disassembled for cleaning.

Magnum Research offers the Baby Eagle in both 9mm and 40 S&W. It has a standard rail underneath the barrel to mount lights and lasers. The pistol is also compatible with magazines from the EAA Witness series. Due to its unique design, the Baby Eagle is not a gun for everyone.

The Baby Eagle is an exceptional shooting gun that features proven reliability. It also features a full-length dust cover. It also weighs about the same as its full-size counterpart. The magazine capacity is the same for both polymer-framed and carbon steel-framed versions. You’ll find this gun on the market for around $646 USD, depending on the model you choose.