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What Molecule Makes The Trunk Of A Tree Sturdy

Ever wonder what molecule makes a tree’s trunk strong? The answer is cellulose, a molecule that binds to water molecules and causes them to rise. Because cellulose is a hydrophilic molecular, tree trunks are thick and waterproof. The thick outer bark of a tree is made of cork cells. The tree’s trunk is composed of these cells, which are connected by tubes and are called a wood-like structure.

The main wooden axis of a tree’s trunk is its trunk. Its thickness varies according to the species. Secondary growth makes the trunk more thicker and the dead cellulose particles make it stronger. This means that trees are susceptible to sunburn. To avoid this problem, it’s important to understand the chemistry of cellulose. First, cellulose contains a molecule called “lignin”. This molecule gives trees strength and toughness.

Trees don’t grow without a trunk. Tree trunks can be huge – the largest known tree, Mt. Nimba, was 275 feet tall and measured 7.8 meters at its base and 3.9 meters at its highest point. Tree trunks are also made up of branches, which are extensions of the stem. Without a trunk to support them, thin branches are ineffective. Branches provide support for higher up branches.