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One Of The Key Advantages Of A Franchise Is Quizlet

One Of The Key Advantages Of A Franchise Is Quizlet

Advantages of a Franchise

Franchises are a great way to start a business with low startup costs and an established brand name. You do not have to develop a market and will benefit from the franchisor’s systems and expertise. In addition, the franchisor does not have to renew the franchise agreement after its initial term. It is easy to secure finance and run a franchise as long as you follow certain guidelines. Another major advantage of a franchise is that you do not have to invest in developing the market yourself. This means you can save a lot of money and avoid risk.

One of the biggest advantages of a franchise is that it can be expanded easily. A franchise is designed to grow over time, and there is no need to hire a team of employees. You can simply hire a staff of franchisees to help you. The cost of a franchise can vary greatly depending on the size of the territory. A franchise has no need to hire a staff. There are many other advantages to becoming a franchise owner.

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