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Get You A Man Who Can Do Both

This “get you a man who can do both” meme is hilarious. It’s the perfect example of a guy who can dress up for fancy occasions, while also serving up casual realness. Its creator, @mikeshotya, credited Drake fans for his tweet, which drew criticism for its class-swag binary. The idea was born from the popular TV show Mr. and Mrs. Nesbit, which has many episodes of men who have been portrayed as sexy and sophisticated.

This meme combines two photos of Drake, one showing him in a Michael Jordan ball cap and slick jacket. He’s warming up with class, and the second shows him balancing a basketball. The joke aims to be funny and makes people laugh, and you should watch it if you’re single and want to get a man who can do both. There are two sides to every story.

The second meme focuses on Drake’s balancing act. Rather than showing Drake’s swagger, the meme combines him in two different outfits. One is in a basketball jersey, while the other is a Michael Jordan ball cap. While the first is cool, the second one shows Drake balancing a basketball with a Michael Jordan ball cap. If you’re not a fan of basketball, this meme is the perfect option for you.

The second Drake meme depicts him in a Michael Jordan ball cap and slick jacket. In the first photo, Drake is in his warm-ups and swag, while the second shows him balancing class. This meme is a classic example of a rapper balancing his style. A woman who knows how to balance class and hustle is a winning woman’s dream. In the third photo, she notices Drake wearing a Michael Jordan ball cap and a slick jacket. In the fourth photo, she notices that the rapper has his swagger while balancing his warm-ups.

In the fifth meme, Drake is seen wearing a Michael Jordan ball cap and a slick jacket. Another Drake meme is seen with a classmate balancing his classes, with the swagger being a little too obvious. Regardless of his athleticism, the rapper is an enigma and a genius at the same time. The meme is hilarious! Then, he gets a class in the evening and does both balancing.

This meme features two pictures of Drake. One photo shows Drake in a Michael Jordan ball cap and slick jacket, while the other shows him in his warm-ups and swagger. In the second photo, he is balancing a Michael Jordan basketball. Throughout the meme, he is dressed in a basketball jersey and a basketball-shaped baseball cap. And the first one has a basketball hat, a ball cap, and a football.

If you’re looking for a man who can do both, try a meme featuring Drake. The meme features two photos of the rapper in a Michael Jordan ball cap. He’s dressed in a slick jacket and Michael Jordan ball cap, while balancing a class. This image is sure to make your date smile. A guy who can do both looks good and can balance his schedule is the ultimate man.

In addition to sexy photos, there are some funny images of Drake. A slick jacket and a ball cap that looks like a Michael Jordan hat are perfect examples of this. A swag-styled Drake can balance his work and play life, and he’ll also look slick in a Michael Jordan ball cap. This is an incredible picture of a man who can do both!

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