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Thingmaker is a toy that was manufactured by Mattel, and it is an activity toy for kids. It comes in assorted colours and is made out of a liquid chemical substance called “Plasti-Goop”. When placed in an oven, it forms a semi-solid rubbery replica. You can also use it for altered art or to make jewelry. The toy is a success in the UK and many other countries around the world. In addition, Mattel introduced several spin-offs for the toy, which included Fighting Men and Creeple People.

Creeple People are pencil toppers that were released by Mattel as part of their Creepy Crawlers line. They were manufactured in a metal mould, which allowed for different shapes to be created. These toys were sold in a number of different sets, including Accessory Kits. A number of these kits had moulds for the Creeple People, and other items such as Fighting Men and other items.

Eventually, Toymax purchased the rights to Creepy Crawlers, and it became a television cartoon. During the series’ two seasons, they released a line of 12 action figures, which came with a metal mould. After the show’s cancellation, Toymax reintroduced the concept in 1992. This time, it was in a cartoon format, and they aired it for a full season.