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Whitehat Threat Research Center

WhiteHat Threat Research Center

The WhiteHat Threat Research Center offers a comprehensive vulnerability scan service that helps protect your organization from cyberattacks. The service includes automated and Cloud-based vulnerability scanners, ML and AI-based attack detection tools, and human security researchers who are available to answer questions and comment on vulnerabilities. The vulnerability scan is automatically retested every time a new vulnerability is identified, but you can also schedule retests of identified vulnerabilities on demand. The WhiteHat threat research center also offers UIs, standard reports, and APIs to help you manage and control the vulnerability process.


A Cloud-based whitehat threat research center is a valuable resource for security experts and organizations. It is a powerful and flexible tool that can be used to detect and remediate application vulnerabilities. This solution is based on cutting-edge cloud-based security platform and a team of security engineers.

Cloud-based whitehat threat research centers are scalable to meet your security needs. They perform vulnerability assessments in a “pit-crew” style, resulting in unparalleled efficiency and coverage. This means that the WhiteHat Threat Research Center acts as an extension of your security team and can recommend remediation guidance when needed. They are also available to answer any questions your security team may have about vulnerabilities and offer ready-to-implement solutions.

WhiteHat Security is a web security company that recently leased 7,257 sf of Houston office space. The company’s Threat Research is a component of the WhiteHat Sentinel service, which helps enterprises improve their computer security and avoid hacker attacks. Coy Davidson and Monte Calvert represented the company and Decorative Center Houston.


There are a variety of benefits of AI-based whitehat threat research centers. While some applications are beneficial, such as detecting and mitigating human-authored malware, others can help protect a network from sophisticated targeted attacks. While the use of AI is still in its infancy, it is already showing promise in the cyberspace.

In recent years, the threat of AI-based malicious use has been emphasized in high-profile settings. This has included a Congressional hearing, a White House workshop, and a Department of Homeland Security report. One such scenario is the subversion of military lethal autonomous weapon systems. However, until today, the intersection between AI and malicious intent has not been thoroughly explored.

Despite recent progress, it remains unclear whether AI-based cybersecurity research will have a significant impact on cybersecurity. For now, it seems likely that AI will only be used for defensive purposes, but the speed of progress in artificial intelligence (AI) suggests that cyber attacks will leverage its machine learning capabilities in the wild. Indeed, some popular accounts of AI and cybersecurity assert that advanced adversaries have already begun using AI in this manner.


As the threat landscape becomes increasingly complex and sophisticated, a ML-based whitehat threat research center will be crucial to protecting the digital future of business. Thanks to its 150 terabyte verified vulnerability data lake and application security domain expertise, WhiteHat is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of ML’s potential.

WhiteHat’s Threat Research Center is a team of cybersecurity experts who conduct ongoing website vulnerability scanning and research to identify new vulnerabilities. The team provides a comprehensive risk management service that allows enterprises to focus on technology goals and website vulnerability remediation. The threat research team also provides continuous vulnerability detection and vulnerability verification.


Automated whitehat threat research center is a tool that helps you find security vulnerabilities before they become a problem. This software works like an extension of your security team, answering questions about vulnerabilities and providing remediation guidance. It also provides real-time, at-a-glance security data. With integrations to key developer tools and support for CI/CD processes, it gives you complete visibility into the security of your organization’s websites.

Automated whitehat threat research center uses advanced, proprietary scanning technology, a Threat Research Centre team, and the latest in web security and vulnerability management. This technology allows you to scan your entire website and automatically identify code changes. It also alerts you to newly discovered vulnerabilities.


The WhiteHat threat research center is an organization dedicated to providing cybersecurity solutions. The center uses static and dynamic analysis techniques to detect malicious code. This involves reviewing the source code and compiled version of mobile applications. The researchers also perform manual assessments to identify security issues. They will evaluate the app’s code, configuration settings, and data handling to ensure it is safe and secure.

The center aims to educate the developer and security community. It runs a “Crash Course” series of webinars, which complements its WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer program. It also offers a security addendum to the Twelve Factor App development method, which allows developers to develop web applications with a high level of security.