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Ama Research Challenge

AMA Research Challenge Winners Announced

The AMA Research Challenge, the largest multi-specialty research conference in the country, is the largest. All medical schools can submit abstracts to the competition. They can use an approved template to create the abstract. Abstracts should not exceed 350 words. Word count does not include the abstract title, page numbering, ancillary entrant information, or references.

The AMA Research Challenge is open to medical students, residents, and international medical graduates. You can submit a poster in any of the following categories: basic science or clinical research, public health, or health systems science. The finals will be decided by the top five posters from each semifinal round. Once you have submitted your poster, be sure to use the AMA social media toolkit to share it with your followers.

The AMA Research Challenge is a multi-specialty national competition for residents and medical students. The AMA Research Challenge, which features more than 1,100 research proposals from physicians and other health care professionals, is the largest national event of this type. It also hosts a poster competition and research gallery for international medical graduates and students.

Elyse’s research focused on the BCL-2 family proteins and identifying dependencies between them. The goal was to find therapies that target this protein to inhibit tumor growth. Her research also explored the role mitochondrial apoptotic signalsing. Her work earned her the AMA Research Challenge.

Students who are members of an AMA collegiate chapter can enter a team into the competition. Each collegiate chapter may send a maximum of one team for the competition. The sign-up process begins in mid-September and closes on November 16, 2022. You cannot submit a team entry if you are not a member of the AMA. However, you can become a member at a reduced rate.