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Authoritative Parents Expect Obedience Without Question From Their Children

In this parenting style, parents expect their children to obey rules and regulations without question or hesitation. The difference between authoritarian and authoritative parenting is that an authoritative parent is strict in their expectations while also providing a warm, nurturing environment. These parents are likely to monitor their children’s behavior and adjust their rules according to their kids’ input. Children who are raised by authoritative parents are generally more assertive and self-confident.

Authoritarian parents impose rules and punish their children when they don’t follow them. They do not allow room for negotiation or discussion of the rules. They may also use shame to motivate children to obey their rules and expectations. The difference between an authoritative and non-authoritarian parent lies in the manner in which they communicate. Authoritarian parents may be harsh and uncompromising, while others are lenient and respectful toward their children.

While some parents may prefer to allow their children to regulate their own activities, authoritative parents don’t expect them to take on a lot of household responsibilities. They exercise firm control without putting their children in a position of power over them. Instead, they use reason to achieve their goals. While authoritative parents are strict and demanding, they also offer emotional support to their children. They may not punish their children for every misstep, but they will also give them a chance to learn from their mistakes.

Another characteristic of authoritative parents is that they expect their children to obey without question. While they do not let their children question their authority, authoritative parents set limits and enforce rules. They also allow their children to exercise their own freedom. The latter enables kids to learn about responsibility and independence. Moreover, it helps them develop their self-esteem. However, it may be difficult to achieve this. For those who do, however, being an authoritative parent can be an excellent parenting style.

On the other hand, an authoritarian parent will expect their children to obey them irrespective of their feelings. These parents lack empathy and warmth and rarely engage in communication with their children. They tend to impose rules without discussing them with their children. If a child doesn’t follow the rules, an authoritative parent may punish them harshly. If a child does not comply with the rules, they will be punished severely.