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Classroom Travel Theme

How to Use a Classroom Travel Theme to Decorate Your Classroom

An engaging classroom travel theme can bring learning and imagination alive for elementary or secondary school students as well as teachers.

Travel themes offer many ways to incorporate this fun design idea into classroom decor, from making simple statements to more intricate details. There are even DIY solutions you can incorporate with this theme!

1. Display an Oversized World Map An oversized world map can make for an eye-catching way to decorate classroom walls quickly and affordably, whether there are no empty spots on them or already some artwork is already hanging up on them. Plus, the large sticker sheets make application easy so that they’re completely customized according to your space!

2. Design a Travel-Themed Door Sign

Students first see when entering your classroom is the door, so make it welcoming with artful door decorations such as Now Boarding messages that let them know they are about to embark on an adventure!

3. Create a Weekly Road Map Sign on Homework Assignment Boards

In an elementary classroom, this is an effective and straightforward way of showing students their weekly assignments – as well as helping them keep track of them! It helps both student and teachers stay on task!

4. Create a Postcard Display

Postcards can add the perfect finishing touches to any classroom environment, whether made by students themselves or purchased at your local office supply store. They offer students an ideal way to practice writing, technology skills and research while also giving teachers another form of practice for academic standards.

5. Display Flags from Different Countries and Cities

Adding themed flags is another simple way to adorn your classroom, as well as teach about different cultures and languages! They make learning about global affairs fun!

6. Have Students Create Travel Brochures

A great and cost-effective way for students to gain world knowledge is inviting them to create travel brochures on a country of their choosing, using research information and writing a descriptive account – giving both of you plenty of chances to discuss what was learned together in class!

7. Put Travel Books Front and Center In your classroom library, make travel and world affairs books an aspirational display that inspires students. This will allow them to envision what their future may hold and encourage them to check out books that interest them.

8. Create a Road Trip-Themed Display Table

A travel themed display table can be an engaging way to engage students with learning. All it requires are some black paper, books, and an iconic green and white road sign!

9. Customize Your Lost and Found Area

Make the lost and found area more inviting by customizing its look with suitcase clip art printed on labels – students will love coming here to search for lost items and collect the latest copy of EF Tours magazine!