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TFT Miss Fortune Build Guide

A team comp build that includes Miss Fortune and the right champions can give you a huge damage boost. A great lineup could include her and other champions such as Tristana, Draven, and Lucian. All of these characters have great damage potential and can be equipped with items to deal even more damage. Miss Fortune’s passive ability to hold items can also help her deal massive damage.

Miss Fortune is a good early-board unit, even though she may be a late-game carrier. It can also play a significant role in the middlegame. The best way to use her is to build her early on the board. After that, she can help you carry your opponents’ decks as well.

In addition to Miss Fortune, TFT Set 6 also brings 28 new features and 59 new champions. The set is scheduled to hit the official servers on November 3, 2021. It will also introduce duo mode and Hextech Augments. In addition to Miss Fortune, a Gunslinger may also make a comeback.

Miss Fortune is a great choice for teams looking to reduce Decay and Gunners. However, if you have some Knight champions in your team, you can try a Knight + Decay team instead. This team is much easier to complete and has a strong damage-blocking force.

Another way to play Miss Fortune, is to use Miss Fortune to aguante cars. She is available at levels seven through nine, and has three stars. Hecarim can also be used at level 3. Hecarim can also be a good choice if you want to aguate cars.