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How to Create a Research PNG

Using a research png can help to provide a clear visual image of your research, and it is also a great way to communicate your findings with a wider audience. A good research png can also be used to illustrate a paper or an article, making it easier to explain your work and its implications.

Establishing equitable relationships between key stakeholders in translational research

During the past two decades, participatory approaches to science have become more widespread. These approaches have led to meaningful partnerships between universities and community stakeholders. However, in clinical and translational science, social spaces are often places where microaggressions are embodied. Therefore, to address health inequities, it is critical to build equitable partnerships.

Community-engaged research is one strategy for fostering institutional change. This research can mobilize resources, promote academic-community collaboration, and improve the health of communities. CAP aims to strengthen the skills of researchers and increase the knowledge of community stakeholders. In addition, CAP creates new research resources, centralizes access to diverse community-based research networks, and implements incentives for community-partnered research.

In addition to training new investigators, CAP also implements incentives for senior investigators to mentor new investigators. In some cases, these investigators will receive non-course student research assistantships. Students report that these programs help them improve their theoretical knowledge, increase their practical skills, and create defined outcomes with community partners.