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The Erotic Traveler

The Erotic Traveler

The erotic traveler is a series of sexy lascivious episodes featuring world renowned erotic photographer Marissa Johanson (Divini Rai) and her fresh young protege Allison Kraft (Kaylani Lei). These episodes were originally produced for Cinemax USA, Showtime Australia, BSkyB Great Britain and on other HBO channels worldwide. The series is based upon the sexual liaisons and relationships that Marissa has experienced while traveling the globe to photograph erotic photographs.

A broken air conditioner and a hot day cause Marissa to reminisce of her college days when she spent a couple of weeks in Egypt with a classmate named Antoinette. Distracted by the hot nights and handsome men Marissa loses her focus until Annie and an archeology student inspire her first erotic photographs.

Marissa then recounts her experience as a young girl in Morocco, where she had a chance encounter with an erotic masked cabaret dancer wearing only stockings and a cheetah mask. This inspired Marissa to create her own erotic masked cabaret act. Marissa then teaches Allison five of her six rules for an erotic photo session before she takes her first nude photographs with her subjects in a secluded setting.

A saxophone player, Joaquim, had lost his musical touch after losing his girlfriend and passion Sofia. When he meets Bianca, the new love of his life, he is able to regain his passion and musical ability.

Marissa also explains the importance of love, passion and art in her life as she recounts a story about her encounter with Hernan, a Spanish sculptor who taught her to see the erotic nature of art. A single photograph of a Brazilian beauty, Astrud, attracts major intention from an international modeling agency who offers her a chance to work abroad and earn international fame and riches. However, her soul mate is not interested in becoming the world’s next top model.