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La Fortuna To Manuel Antonio

Travel Guide From La Fortuna to Manuel Antonio

The distance from La Fortuna to Manuel Antonio is around 220 km, making it a reasonable distance to travel by road. The journey can be made by private transportation, taxi, or direct minivan shuttle. The cost can range from $13 to $45 and is a convenient option for solo travelers. Taxis can also be arranged through your hotel, but it is not as convenient as a direct shuttle. The minivan shuttle picks you up in La Fortuna and drops you off at Manuel Antonio.

There are various modes of transportation from La Fortuna to Manuel Antonio, but the most convenient option is to rent a car. The trip takes about 4 hours 30 minutes by car. Popular rental car agencies include Hertz, Avis, and Centauro. For the most convenient travel time, plan to leave early in the morning.

The road from La Fortuna to Manuel Antonio is safe and relatively well-maintained. Routes 1 and 702 provide good access to the region. The roads are not too rough and don’t require a 4×4 to travel between the two towns. You can also opt for a shared shuttle, which is an economical option for solo travelers.

If you’re going to visit Manuel Antonio, make sure you take the time to visit its national park. This seaside park is home to a variety of colorful birds and exotic flora. You can also encounter some of the region’s native monkeys. These monkeys are black on the lower part of their bodies and white on their upper parts. You can also spot sloths in the park.

You can also rent a private shuttle from Manuel Antonio. It will cost you $1000 colones or more. These shuttles run every 30 minutes and can make stops at restaurants and other destinations. You can also choose a one-way trip if you prefer.