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Robo-fortune Ending Storyboards

Robo-Fortune Ending Storyboards

Robo-Fortune’s power set is diverse, from a laser cannon to extendable limbs and a giant chainsaw. This means that it can move very quickly on the ground and isn’t limited by air-dash. It can also eject its head, which can be used as a torpedo or land mine. Additionally, it can increase its missiles by taunting opponents.

Robo-Fortune is a robotic character in the Skullgirls video game series. The game’s creator, Brain Drain, is behind the creation of this robot in the image of the Skullgirl. It was originally slated for release in late 2014 but was delayed until late 2015. In the video game, Robo-Fortune displays seemingly nonsensical behavior and shows skepticism about Brain Drain’s ability to bring the Skull Heart back.