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Red Folder Research

Red Folder Research

Red folder research can be a valuable tool to help institutions identify and respond to student distress. It can provide valuable information to faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants about how to approach students who may be experiencing distress and connect them to appropriate resources. The customized folders, which are designed for specific campus settings, often include a brief training from Counseling Center staff. To obtain a copy of the publication or a copy of the Red Folder, contact your campus Counseling Center. Resources are also available for organizations outside the UC system, which can modify the materials for their own communities.

Information about common signs of student distress

There are several warning signs of student distress, and knowing how to deal with them is important for avoiding unnecessary problems. These symptoms can include poor concentration, difficulty concentrating, feelings of worthlessness, and an increased appetite. Students can also display a lack of energy and irritability. If you observe these signs, it may be time to seek professional help.

While a variety of symptoms of student distress may exist, the most common ones are those of depression and anxiety, eating disorders, alcohol/substance abuse, relationship issues, and serious academic concerns. Generally, these symptoms are accompanied by a dramatic change in functioning compared to previous levels.

Symptoms of student distress vary from person to person. This website provides information about common signs of student distress and offers suggestions for helping students who exhibit certain symptoms. It also contains links to additional resources for helping distressed students. These resources are intended to provide information to help those who are concerned about UF students.

The University of Akron’s faculty and staff may act as resources for students and role models. They play an important role in helping students succeed. They may also be the first to notice signs of student distress. The University’s Counseling and Testing Center can help students and faculty find the help they need.

Resources for faculty and staff

The Red Folder Initiative provides faculty and staff with a reference guide for recognizing and responding to students experiencing distress. The guide includes action steps, tips for identifying and reaching out to students, and referrals to additional resources. The initiative was created in partnership with the UMD Counseling Center, Health Center, Office of Student Affairs, and the BETA Team.

The Red Folder initiative was developed by a systemwide work group and counseling professionals with the goal of putting relevant resources at students’ fingertips. It is available in both physical and digital forms on the University Park and Penn State campuses. In addition to the physical folder, Penn State has launched a website to help faculty and staff identify campus resources for distressed students.

University Park provides a variety of resources for students and staff affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The University’s Counseling and Wellness Services offers additional training opportunities for faculty and staff. Training opportunities include Mental Health First Aid and QPR – Question, Persuade, Refer.

The University of California has also implemented the Red Folder initiative. The University of California system has already adopted the program, and the Austin program was modified to meet the University of California system’s culture. Further, the Stanford Red Folder website includes more information on implementing the program.

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