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Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies

Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies

Chocolate covered fortune cookies are a great choice for those who love fortune cookies and chocolate. The traditional version is hand-dipped in fine Belgian chocolate, and contains custom messages inside. You can choose from six flavors or have the cookies hand-dipped with silver bling. Each cookie is approximately two to two and a half inches in diameter.

If you want a different type of fortune cookie, you can try milk chocolate covered ones. They’re larger than ordinary fortune cookies, dipped in a delicious caramel or fine Belgian chocolate and decorated with accents. Each cookie is wrapped individually in cellophane bags and heat-sealed at the ends to ensure the best quality.

Fortune cookies were made by hand before the invention of the fortune cookie maker. The invention of the machine in Oakland, California, allowed for mass production of the cookies, which lowered their price. This helped the fortune cookie industry grow and become a novelty dessert. Although these cookies were not invented by the Chinese, they have become more popular in America since World War II. These cookies were a hit with Americans due to their appealing flavor and unique shape.