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The People’s Meeple

The People’s Meeple in Huddersfield

Meeples are an iconic shape in the world of board games. They are small, usually made of wood, and represent a player’s units. Depending on the game, they can perform a variety of functions. For instance, in the Stone Age games of old, meeples were used to represent members of a tribe building up their territory and expanding their settlement. In the modern era, meeples have expanded to include various shapes and colours.

The first game to use meeples was Carcassonne. The earliest versions of the game were simply wooden follower tokens. Fortunately for us, this game was later modified to feature player meeples. However, the meeple has become more common in Eurogames, as well as board games that feature wooden tokens.

One of the oldest and simplest ways to get your fix of meeples is to head to a reputable board game cafe. These places offer take-out and delivery for hungry players and, more importantly, they offer the chance to hang out with other fans of the game. Whether you’re interested in playing a complex strategic board game or simply want to enjoy a coffee or sandwich, there’s a place for you.

If you’re in Huddersfield, you can visit The People’s Meeple, a new board game cafe that opened in December. Owned by Ric Kemp, the cafe offers the perfect combination of exotic decor and great service. It’s also conveniently located in close proximity to Wakefield Cathedral. And, of course, you can enjoy the best pizza in town, as well as a wide array of drinks. Besides, you’ll be able to try out the 450 plus games on offer.

You’ll also be able to pick up some great take-home gifts for the gamers in your life, whether they are kids, teens, or adults. A great example of this is the board game called Animal Upon Animal, where little rabbits play the role of a scorekeeper. Not only is the game easy to learn, but it has a great pacing.

While you’re there, you can also sample the sweet treats available at Humpit Hummus. Whether you’re looking for a pitta, a middle eastern falafel, or some vegan-friendly wraps, you’re sure to find a tasty treat to suit your tastes. After that, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at Coffevolution, Huddersfield’s venerable coffee shop.

Lastly, you can test your meeple knowledge with a few games at The People’s Meeple. The bar is open 7 days a week and has a full gaming library. Besides, the people are friendly. As a matter of fact, the staff was so friendly that you’ll feel like they’re friends, even if you’re just ordering your drink from them. This is a great place to start your next board gaming adventure!

Whether you’re in the market for a new board game, or you’re just looking for some great food, you’ll want to check out The People’s Meeple in Huddersfield. They’re also happy to take reservations, so you can enjoy your food and your favorite board game at the same time.