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The Traveling Gnome Diner in Bridgeport, NY

The Traveling Gnome Diner in Bridgeport, NY offers an original take on diners with its whimsical gnome theme. Owner Carrie Hardy said her restaurant boasts over 100 gnomes stamped onto its walls and customers come here for both its travel-inspired decor and delicious food options.

The main dining area features a fireplace, large windows and plenty of seating in various shapes and sizes. It’s the ideal spot to catch up with friends over delicious food and drinks.

Check out the amazing specials they have to offer, such as the Bacon Cheeseburger Challenge – three bacon cheeseburgers stacked atop each other, all topped off with fries and half a pound of lettuce! If you can eat all of it within 30 minutes or less, then you’ll receive a free meal!

Some of the more memorable dishes on the menu include a delectable blackened tuna salad and an irresistible combination of beef, vegetables and Guinness gravy. But for true pub food enthusiasts, try their Cheddar cheese and chive mashed potatoes with bread crumbs fried to perfection – you won’t be disappointed!

For an Irish-inspired meal, order a boxie! This American dish features sliced corned beef, Swiss cheese and 1000 Island dressing topped off on toasted rye bread.

For those looking to cut calories, there are numerous salads on the menu. Plus, there’s an impressive selection of appetizers including the unique gnome ice cream which combines vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter before being topped off with a cherry.

Don’t forget about the gnome restaurant minigame – an enjoyable way to earn some coins! It’s addictive and can be played at any level for added entertainment and rewards.