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Aggie Research Program

The UC Davis Aggie Research Program

Each year, team leaders organize an online showcase of their research. This showcase celebrates the accomplishments of research teams. The Aggie Research Program has been hosting this showcase since 2020. This year’s showcase will be held on Oct. 21. It will feature a number of presentations from the teams.


Undergraduate research at UC Davis is encouraged by the URS for Aggie Research Awards. These awards provide funding for student research in biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and biomedical engineering. Faculty, staff, and graduate students also participate in this program. The undergraduate research awards are supported by the College of Biological Sciences Dean’s Circle Undergraduate Research Program.

The program aims to provide undergraduates with a graduate-level research experience, including participation in scholarly research, publication, and communication of findings to the scientific community. The program accepts applications from individual undergraduates as well as teams of five students. To apply, visit the Prospective Scholars page.

Research-intensive community model

The Research-Intensive Community Model for Aggie Research is a program that brings researchers and students together to create mutually beneficial partnerships. The model includes a variety of opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research, including the DeBakey Executive Research Leadership Program, Genetics Research Mentoring Program, and Neuroscience Leadership Program.

Professional development opportunities

The Aggie research program pairs graduate students, postdocs, and undergraduates to participate in collaborative research projects. The research projects are selected by the research team leader. This is an excellent opportunity to develop research skills and leadership potential. The program also helps students gain experience in managing research teams.

The Aggie research program allows undergraduate students to complete their research for course credit. These projects are flexible and fit into most course plans. The number of hours required varies depending on the project. The research does not count toward graduation regalia, but it does qualify for undergraduate research course credit.

Graduate students can also participate in a variety of professional development events and workshops. The Graduate Research and Development Aggies workshop, for example, teaches graduate students how to present their research in a compelling and effective manner. The workshops typically take place during the fall semester. Participants can also participate in a research communication competition called 3MT. Participants have three minutes to present a convincing oration and one visual slide.