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Egg Inc Epic Research

Egg Inc Epic Research

Egg, Inc. is one of those rare games that doesn’t feature a bloated amount of advertisements. This is a welcome relief, considering most app games are overrun with ads, making them less enjoyable to play. The tutorial in this game is straightforward and easy to follow, and once you get the hang of the game, you can get to work building a giant hen house. Then, you can go on to unlock epic research and new tiers.


If you enjoy strategy games and like the speed and simplicity of Egg, Inc., you’ll definitely enjoy this new mobile game. The game’s gameplay revolves around unlocking different types of chicken eggs and exchanging them for different kinds of currency. As you progress through the game, you’ll also discover epic research and tiers to unlock.

In Egg Inc, you can upgrade many things, including your hatchery, habitats, vehicles, and more. Each upgrade costs more money than the previous one, but it can increase the value of your eggs. You can purchase boosts from golden eggs or through quests. You can also select an icon to choose your account missions, prestige, and sign in to the main menu. On the main menu, you can also choose your settings.

Soul Food

You can improve the efficiency of your farm with Epic Research. It also boosts prestige. You can buy it with Golden Eggs or earned from completing contracts and missions. You can also use this upgrade to improve the rate of Eier laying. However, you should note that this research upgrade resets after you sell your prestige or farm.

This type of research will increase your bonus per soul egg by 1% every time you level. It will also give you a 10% bonus on the number of soul eggs that you are able to obtain. When using this research option, you will have to invest a certain amount of money.

Prestige Bonus

The Prestige Bonus from egg inc epic research is an extremely beneficial currency that can help you progress in the game much faster. You can use it to upgrade your hatchery, habitats, vehicles, and other aspects of your farm. You can buy multiple levels of upgrades for most of your areas. Each upgrade will increase your earnings by a certain percentage. To purchase these upgrades, you must collect enough golden eggs.

The Prestige Bonus from egg inc epic research is a permanent investment and will not disappear after you reach a certain level. This investment will pay off in the long run because you will be able to scale up your farm. It will also unlock a whole lot of new egg types. This will make the game more fun and give you the edge in the leaderboards.

Research tiers

The game offers players several tiers of research and it is important to choose the right one based on your preferences. Research tiers can offer you a variety of benefits, but you should be aware that each research option costs money. Prioritizing your research options is crucial for increasing your income. For example, the Comfortable Nest research will increase your hen’s egg production, while the Nutritional Supplements research will increase your per egg income. Additionally, the Better Incubator research option can increase your profit per egg.

Time boosts are another way to increase your earnings. When you reach a certain tier, you can boost your time to get an equivalent amount of cash. These boosts are great if you’re looking to level quickly. However, you will need to collect golden eggs in order to use them. These eggs can be difficult to find so it’s best to save them for permanent stuff.

Golden eggs

To upgrade your research in the epic research section, you need to earn enough golden eggs to unlock the next tier. These eggs are rare and expensive, so you must be patient to save them up for epic research. While you will have to pay for research, you can also purchase boosts to improve your gameplay. These boosts will increase your research value and can be obtained by completing missions or smacking drones down. The great thing about the epic research section is that it does not reset when you start a new farm.

There are two types of research – common and epic. The common research is bought with Bocks, and it resets whenever you sell your farm or prestige. However, with epic research, you must spend a certain amount of Golden Eggs to upgrade a research level. These eggs will also not be reset when you upgrade your egg or Prestige.


To upgrade your egg hatchery and chickens, you can use golden eggs or purchase epic research. These upgrades are permanent, and don’t reset when you increase your prestige. They increase the size of your hatchery and decrease the cost of your buildings. In addition, you can earn currency by watching advertisement videos. After a few minutes, you’ll see a package drop with cash.

In the game, you can also buy various upgrades for your hatchery, farm vehicles, and more. You can also increase the value of your farm with the help of these upgrades. This can help you to meet the mission requirements in the game. This will help you earn more money and level up faster.