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I Sleep In A Big Bed With My Wife

It is believed that sleeping in a large bed can make your relationship weaker. The reasoning behind this myth is that a big bed forces couples to sleep far apart, causing forced cuddling. This is simply not true. Physical proximity doesn’t make you like someone more. The opposite is true as well. The difference is that larger beds provide more space for each partner, which makes them feel more comfortable.

Couples often have to deal with a clash in their sleeping preferences. One person might enjoy the solitude of a big bed while the other prefers the privacy of a single bed. Couples may not feel as connected if they disagree about how much time they should spend together. For example, women may feel more comfortable alone in the bedroom than with their partner. Similar to this, men are more likely than women to fall asleep while their partner is awake.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that marriages are not solely based on passion. It’s important to find camaraderie and friendship between two people. Even if one partner doesn’t like sleeping together he’ll still need the other to get through each day. A marriage is incomplete without the friendship of the other. Marriages are two-way affairs.