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Games Like Octopath Traveler

Games Like Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler stands out among other RPGs due to its stunning combination of modern polygons and vintage pixel art that feels unlike any other game on Switch.

They employ an impressive combination of low camera angle and the capacity to hide treasure boxes behind raised foreground elements to create natural hidden paths that aren’t just visually pleasing, but truly rewarding. This means you’ll be eager to explore new places even when not trying to solve a plot mystery.

The story is captivating, and the narrative arcs for each of the eight main characters are captivating – especially when you consider they’re not necessarily connected. For instance, Olberic’s quest to regain his knighthood is distinct from Primrose’s assassination quest.

Each character arc has its own themes and structures that may run counter to those in other arcs. But if you take the time to play through each arc individually and complete its ‘Final’ chapter at the end, you’ll be left with an incredibly satisfying experience.

Some character arcs are lighthearted and classic JRPG-esque, while others will deliver a real gut punch or two. What makes these stories so great is their variety – developers simply set up eight heroes with different objectives then let you do your own thing with them.

Octopath Traveler II and its 3DS predecessors share many similarities when it comes to the job system, meaning there are plenty of chances for your party members to level up and unlock new abilities. With job points earned after each battle, you’ll unlock additional combat-focused skills as well as support ones.

They’ll also unlock Path Actions, giving each character a set of special skills they can use outside combat such as monster capture or stealing items. These can be combined with the Break system which grants each party member an amount of Boost Points to use with each turn.

These Boost Points add a substantial amount of damage to attacks, making them especially effective against enemies with powerful armour or shields. The Break system is an exciting yet risky way of taking on more challenging challenges; it’s worth experimenting with to see what combinations can be created.

Octopath Traveler II features a larger map than its predecessor, featuring an expansive continent to discover. Square Enix packed as many secrets into this world as they could fit, making it easy to get lost in all the little details.

The overworld and dungeons are designed with a semi-3D space in mind, so you can freely move from foreground to background as well as side to side without any trouble. This creates an abundance of detail in the environments, especially with lighting effects and water effects. While the pixelated graphics look amazing, it’s the depth of the environment which really stands out.