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MobaFire Miss Fortune Build Guide

Miss Fortune builds are great for tanky opponents as they have great shredding potential. Miss Fortune’s armor pen and raw AD are crucial tools in team fights. But if you want to be more effective, there are some tweaks you can make to her build.

As an AD carrier, Miss Fortune can be played as first. Her passive and abilities are geared towards 1v1 kills and ganking. However, she also has an anti healing and slowing ability. You can use Make It Rain, Exhaust or Impure Shots to maximize her potential. This increases her damage. Depending on the situation, you can also use Double Up to harass enemy champions and bounce onto them. Lastly, you can use Impure Shots to deal massive amounts of damage while you are low on mana.

A Miss Fortune build with a Double up ability is a great choice for lane harassment. It can also push waves faster. It can also help Miss Fortune with mana issues. A Biscuit Delivery is another great build for Miss Fortune. It helps her sustain. A well-stacked Miss Fortune build can do a lot.

Miss Fortune needed allies to support her and stand with her as she made a move against Gangplank. Gangplank was far too powerful to face head-on, and Miss Fortune knew that killing him would not be enough. Her ultimate goal was to burn Gangplank to ashes and destroy all the stolen goods from him.

CounterStats is another great tool for tracking your Miss Fortune’s ADC. This tool will provide detailed matchup data and help you build against other champions. CounterStats can be used to compare your build against the champion of your opponent.

The story of Miss Fortune is rich and varied. Her exploits are well-known. Her feats include drowning the leader of Silk-Knife Corsair in a barrel of stolen rum, stealing Syren’s ship, and stealing Syren from a pirate captain. She also tracked down the Doxy-Ripper, a half-dismembered Leviathan, to his lair and shot him in the back.