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Clinical Research Organisations Melbourne

Clinical Research Organisations in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a clinical research organisation in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. Australia has a long history of conducting clinical trials and the standards are extremely high. These organisations offer top-notch clinical trials that will help you find new cures and treatments for various diseases.


The National Vision Research Institute is one of Australia’s leading vision research organisations. It aims to better understand human vision and to prevent or restore blindness. To this end, it collaborates with renowned universities and industry partners.

Bionics Institute

The Bionics Institute is a clinical research organisation in Melbourne that is dedicated to the study of medical bionics. It is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Burnet Institute

The Burnet Institute is an Australian medical institute that combines medical research in the laboratory with public health action. Its mission is to solve the health problems faced by underprivileged communities in Australia and internationally.

Centre for Eye Research Australia

The Centre for Eye Research Australia is an independent medical research organisation focused on eye health and disease. Its aim is to speed up diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions. It uses its world-class expertise and knowledge to develop innovative treatments. With its partners, including Orthoptics Australia, the Centre is dedicated to improving patient care and sight. Patients can refer their cases to the organisation for clinical trials, which accelerate the pace of research and develop new treatments.


ANZIC-RC is one of the leading clinical research organisations in Australia. With an 80-bed facility, it assists a large global sponsor base of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies in the conduct of complex, high-quality trials. Its clinical research capabilities extend to Phase 2-4 trials, as well as First-in-Human trials. The organisation’s affiliation with Monash School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine provides substantial expertise in Phase 2-4 trials. It is also the lead centre of Australia’s largest clinical trial.


There are a number of clinical research organisations in Melbourne. Datapharm is one such organisation. With over 25 years of experience in managing clinical trials, Datapharm has gained expertise in all phases of clinical research. They have worked with large international pharmaceutical companies, as well as with local biotechnology and alternative therapy companies. As one of the country’s first full service contract research organisations, Datapharm provides a wide range of services including clinical trial management, statistical analysis, medical and scientific writing, and pharmacovigilance. Moreover, they have a network of study sites and clinical trial investigators.