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Jackie Christie And Brooke Bailey

Brooke Christie and Jackie Christie Have an Epic Fight

Brooke Christie and Jackie Christie are fighting in the latest trailer for “Basketball Wives LA”. Brooke also says that her teenage children are upset at her for posing in a scantily clad photo. In addition, the two women discussed their sexual orientation and their relationship with their children. However, the drama that took place between them on the reunion episode of the hit show is enough to leave the audience wanting more!

Although these two TV stars have been linked for years, Brooke was one of the last women to jump in. Brooke hasn’t been on the show since the first season, but she gave it her all. It’s safe to say that she would have given more if she were cast. Brooke felt that there was a friendly rival for ratings.

They are married and renew their vows each year. They have two children together and a daughter from a previous relationship. They also co-own a publishing company. They have also appeared together on Basketball Wives LA, Basketball Wives: Los Angeles, which were both immensely popular. Although their relationship is currently on the rocks, the couple continues to be very close.

The couple is also a successful fashion designer and model. Jackie Christie also owns a cosmetic line called Slayed by Jackie Christie. She also has several self help books. She has appeared in many movies, including Deceitful (2013). She has also appeared in the TV series Committed as well as the short film Bossard Cognac : The Good Life.

Another successful collaboration between the two is the launch of a plus-size line of jeans, Curve Your Evolution. In October, the plus size brand will debut in New York. Another model, Affion, was present at the premiere. The two also appeared on a red carpet with their friends, Nicci Gilbert and Faith Evans. Their collaboration will prove fruitful.

The third season of Basketball Wives LA began production in August 2013 and premiered on May 14, 2018. The cast also welcomed Ogom “OG”, Chijindu, Tami Roman, and Kristen Scott. The cast reunited for season 8. The series was cut short by CeCe Gutierrez and Feby Torres (the ex-girlfriend of Lance Stephenson).