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White People Taco Night Tiktok

White People and Taco Night

In recent years, white people have become obsessed with tacos. Taco trucks, hole-in-the-wall taquerias and upscale taco restaurants have become a staple of our culinary culture. The trend reflects a general interest in ethnic food and a desire for variety and fusion, but it can also be problematic.

The reality is that Mexican workers at restaurants owned by white people face many hardships and don’t necessarily have the same rights as the employees of family-owned Mexican taquerias that employ undocumented immigrants. Often times, they are paid low wages and can’t afford to pay for health care or take vacations. This has resulted in a constant struggle to keep their businesses afloat, which can lead to the occasional bad food or lack of attention from customers, causing them to stop in and order a few things off the menu.

The latest viral TikTok trend is the “tiktok tortilla.” This dish looks like a kimchi wrap but comes with beefless crumbles, cheese and avocado for a crunchy quesadilla that can’t be beat. So, if you haven’t tried this trend, I suggest giving it a go!