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Travel Nurse Housing Medford Oregon

Travel Nurse Housing in Medford, Oregon

Medford, Oregon is a popular city for travel nurses due to its close proximity to several hospitals. Unfortunately, finding suitable housing can be challenging. There are various options to consider such as furnished and unfurnished travel nurse apartments, short-term rentals and long-term rental housing.

Corporate Housing

Travel nurses may want to consider corporate housing. These fully-furnished apartments offer flexible lease terms and are conveniently situated near major hospitals and medical facilities. Amenities like fitness centers, pools, and on-site laundry services make this an attractive option.

Homes and Townhouses for Rent

Houses and townhouses can be an excellent option for families or groups of travel nurses who prefer to live together. While they may not offer all the amenities of apartment complexes, many offer on-site laundry and parking. Plus, renting multiple units may be cheaper than living at an apartment complex – especially if you rent multiple units.

Furnished Finder

Furnished Finder is an online resource that assists travelers in locating temporary housing tailored to their individual requirements. Users can input their maximum monthly budget and the app populates listings of suitable temporary accommodation within those parameters. Moreover, it can help search for hotel rooms or other housing options as well.


VRBO, the popular home, apartment and condo rental site is an excellent resource for finding housing. They prioritize user safety and comfort by having a dedicated care team that will answer your queries promptly. Moreover, VRBO protects payments against fraudulence by providing various filters so it’s simple to find the ideal place for your trip.

Facebook Housing Groups

Travel nurses often connect to housing groups on social media sites. These forums can be an excellent resource for finding rental options and connecting with other travelers, giving you a feel for the area to decide if it’s suitable for you. Nonetheless, caution should still be exercised when using these sites since they have been known to facilitate scams and fraudulence in the past.


Craigslist can be an excellent source for temporary housing, though it should always be used with caution. Always meet the landlord in person before sending money or sending a deposit – never send money without seeing the space first!


For travel nurses seeking fully furnished housing with flexible leases, Blueground is an excellent option. Their apartments are conveniently located near medical facilities and cost-effective compared to other serviced apartment operators. Furthermore, they provide a dedicated guest app, maintenance support, and bill payment handling on demand.

Renting a House or Townhouse for Travel Nursing

If you are traveling with friends or family, renting a house or townhouse in Medford could be an affordable option. But be sure to research the community and read reviews before signing any contracts. Some rentals may be quite costly; you should also budget for lawn care/maintenance fees as well.