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8 Is 40 Percent Of What Number

What number is eighty percent? How do you solve this problem? Start by writing the number that is greater than the total value. Multiplying the top number by its bottom counterpart will give you the decimal equivalent. Multiply this decimal by 100 to find the percentage. Now you know the answer to the question: 8 equals 40 percent. You should now be able to work out the percentage in other situations, too.

If there is a common divisor between these two numbers, it will be 12. For example, if you have four eights, you would get 264, which is 26.4 percent of 500. If you divide both numbers by 10, you get 132. Similarly, if you divide a hundred by two, you get 264, which is 26.4% of five. In this example, seven out of twelve voted yes while five out eight voted no.