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Morgan Stanley Equity Research

Morgan Stanley Equity Research

Morgan Stanley

In addition to conducting research on individual companies, Morgan Stanley’s equity research department publishes reports on various industry sectors. The reports are based on analyst opinions and provide a detailed analysis of investment opportunities. Analysts rate the companies they cover on a scale of “Strong Buy” to “Strong Sell.” The reports are distributed to Morgan Stanley clients via the mail or financial advisors.

Morgan Stanley’s research reports have been the subject of multiple complaints. In the most recent case, it was found that a Morgan Stanley analyst published investment research reports that contained inaccurate historical data. Morgan Stanley’s analysts uncovered the inaccuracy in January 2020, but the errors continued to be published until February 29, 2020. The problem appears to be tied to the firm’s integration with Eaton Vance in March 2021. Its software failed to include Eaton Vance’s holdings. As a result, the reports were published with inaccurate price data. Morgan Stanley hired outside counsel to investigate the issue, but didn’t make a formal admission to the Finra.


After graduating from HWS, Bernard McTernan ’10 will begin a career at Morgan Stanley’s New York headquarters. The firm has over 60,000 employees and serves as the world’s leading financial advisor. His position will include equity research and forecasting the financial futures of companies in a particular sector. He will write research reports and share his findings with Morgan Stanley’s clients.

Previously, he was the co-head of equities sales for the Americas at Bank of America Corporation. He has experience focusing on long-only clients. Matitia-Cohen previously worked at Morgan Stanley. Klocker is due to join the firm in June. He previously worked at UBS and was the head of algorithmic trading there. Meissner, meanwhile, joined BofA in 2010 and was previously at Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers.


The Loudcloud IPO raised $150 million for the Web infrastructure company. In the IPO, the company sold 25 million shares at $6 each for a total market value of $450 million. The company raised the money by selling the shares to large investors. Marc Andreessen, co-founder of the company, is among those who are invested in the company.

The company, founded by Ben and David Rosenberg, was backed by Morgan Stanley, which has a stake in Loudcloud. As a result, Morgan Stanley received investment banking fees of $4.7 million.

Investment banking

The recent management reshuffle at Morgan Stanley is a sign of the firm’s changing direction. Dealmaking has slowed in recent months due to growing interest rates, geopolitical uncertainties, and inflation. In addition, the company’s second quarter earnings are expected to reveal a 40% drop in funding banking charges. This restructure is aimed at improving its performance in those areas.

Morgan Stanley has a global reach, a collaborative culture, and a product suite geared to the needs of its clients. Its analysts produce alpha-generating market analysis and investment research, and aim to provide the best possible service to clients. Their investment management solutions are tailored to suit a wide range of clients – from individual investors to governments.


Morgan Stanley is a major bank and one of the biggest players in the equity research industry. In 2009, it paid investment banks more than $2.7 million to provide research services to issuers. The payments are described in Morgan Stanley documents as “research guarantees” and “guaranteed economics for research.” These payments are based on investment banking fees, which Morgan Stanley receives from issuers.

The base pay for a Morgan Stanley analyst ranges from Rs. 5.2 lakhs to Rs. 3.4 lakhs a year. The compensation package also includes discretionary bonuses and Morgan Stanley-sponsored benefit programs.


Morgan Stanley has policies in place to ensure that the research analysts in its equity research department are unbiased and objective. The policies include procedures to manage conflicts of interest and provide training and guidance to its employees. The firm also requires its employees to raise any potential conflicts with their supervisors. Morgan Stanley has also implemented controls to ensure the highest quality of research.

One recent issue was related to the reporting of certain stock ratings, such as those of a company’s future earnings. The regulator, Finra, filed a complaint against Morgan Stanley and fined the firm $800,000 for deficiencies related to reporting in 2010. Morgan Stanley executives admitted that they failed to include certain required information, such as charts, in their research reports. In another case, Morgan Stanley’s reports contained an inaccurate price target. The firm has since corrected the problem.