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Which Of The Following Is The Most Acidic

Which of the following is the most acidic? The answer depends on which of the following groups possesses the most acidic H. A group with the lowest pKa is most acidic. Each proton has an electronegative value of pKa. Therefore, the most acidic group is C. But if we don’t have pKa values, we can use general principles to decide which group is the most acidic.

For a simple comparison of the two types of acids, p-nitro benzoic acid is the most acidic one. This acid has a stronger inhibitory effect than NH3. Its pKa value is approximately 35. Both chemicals are therefore similar. Nonetheless, the difference in their pKa values makes HCl more acidic. Here’s a quick overview of both types.

Carboxylic acid’s strength is determined by the type of substituent attached to the carboxyl groups. It has two types of substitutions, electron withdrawing groups and electron relating groups. Electron withdrawing group ensures effective delocalization and increases acidity. In contrast, electron-related groups decrease acidity. Which of the following is most acidic? This question can be answered with examples.

The strongest acid is the one with the most hydrogen ions in solution. A more acidic compound will have a higher pKa than one that is negatively charged. Negatively charged acids are rare acids. ROH2+ acids (which include H2O+ or R2OH) are less acidic than their positively charged counterparts. The opposite applies to NH acids. H3O+ is stronger than H2O and NH3 is weaker.