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Travel Iu

What Is Travel Iu?

Travel IU is a service provided by Indiana University that assists with travel expenses for employees, students and non-employee travelers – domestically and abroad. Additionally, it supports IU health tourism – sending patients to Indiana University Health for medical treatment abroad – offering financial support to these travelers.

IU-sponsored domestic travel is managed according to university policy, so you do not need a Designated Travel Agency (DTA) when booking your trip. You are also free to book independently or with a third-party vendor as long as the transaction complies with IRS Accountable Plan guidelines.

The Fiscal Officer or Travel Transaction Approver will examine each expense report for compliance with IU policy and procedures before reimbursement is issued. If an infraction occurs, the transaction cannot be reimbursed and must be remediated.

All IU travelers and their Delegates must submit travel reimbursement requests, along with supporting documentation, within the required timelines as outlined by Accountable Plan policies. Failure to do so may result in penalties or delays in processing your request.

In addition to the TSOP, several IU policies govern all travel expenses for IU employees, students and non-employees. These include Policy FIN-ACC-620: Reimbursement of Travel Expenses by IU Employees, Students and Non-Employees and Policy FIN-TRV-01: Expense Reimbursements for IU Business Travelers.

No IU account should be charged for a personal air segment unless there is documented proof that its inclusion was more cost-effective than round trip business travel. If the flight does include a personal segment, an invoice displaying only the business portion of the airfare must be obtained at time of reservation.

Any upgrade from economy coach class airfare must be paid for with non-IU funds, such as the IU Foundation funds. However, if the business purpose of the trip necessitates that the traveler be in a higher class category of airfare like economy or first class, an IU staff member may be able to approve a lower reimbursement rate for the upgrade.

In accordance with IU’s preferred vendors, shared rides between the airport and official university business locations–including lodging if different–will be reimbursed according to agreed-upon costs. Private limousine costs will not be reimbursed; fuel charges will also be covered.

Every year, IU Travels offers more than 50 IU-designed trips that combine educationally enriching experiences with exciting travel possibilities. These journeys feature immersive cultural explorations led by IU experts and carefully chosen trusted travel partners.

At IU Travels, our mission is to offer our guests a positive, secure and supportive travel experience. Our team of travel specialists ensure that all IU travelers have an enjoyable and rewarding journey while exploring destinations worldwide. To achieve this goal, IU collaborates with highly-rated partners such as AHI, Lindblad, Odysseys Unlimited, Go Next and Orbridge in order to guarantee quality accommodations and services that meet the high standards set out for us by our guests.