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Purple People Lafayette

Lafayette “Purple People”

The Lafayette “Purple People” are a controversial communal living group. They are known for their unconventional religious beliefs and unorthodox lifestyle. In the past, the group has been targeted by teenagers who harassed its members. Since its inception in the late sixties, the community has grown to include houses in Hawaii and Atlanta, and has spread to the world. It is not open to the public. A recent rash of vandalism has caused the community to employ security guards to protect its property.

The organization possesses a cult-like devotion among its aficionados. Its founders include a black jazz pianist named Vic Baranco. Baranco and his wife Suzie formed the community in 1968. Originally known as More University, the organization has evolved into a diverse research and teaching institution. Some of its more interesting offerings include a university-level course on sex and sensuality, and a plethora of other neologisms. One of the most interesting aspects of the community is its emphasis on polyamory. This is not a new concept, as it has been around for several centuries. Members are also ardent believers in sex and sensuality, and are adept at sex-enhancing activities.

As the name implies, the group has a preference for purple. For instance, members are often seen driving purple limos. There are also purple themed homes and golf carts. While the community is not for the faint of heart, the organization is a curiosity to many in the Bay Area.

Its alleged connections to the infamous pyramid scheme OneTaste are not the only things that have made this group a buzz. The group has also popped up in the media in some guises. One story is about a woman who spied on the property from a lookout point. Another is a rumored incident of intimidation, wherein a member was accused of stalking a woman. Despite these allegations, the group has managed to maintain an unflappable reputation. Currently, the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the matter.

The organization’s website has a well-crafted mission statement, but it has been known to be a tad opaque. Many of the most interesting details are kept under wraps. However, the group does make a big deal about its medical achievements, particularly in sexology. According to the website, members are encouraged to improve their sexual lives by attending courses in everything from polyamory to sexology. Although the organization is not particularly open to the public, it has been able to spread its wings and relocate to other cities.

In a nutshell, the Lafayette “Purple People” is one of the most unique communities in the Bay Area. Their unorthodox beliefs have garnered the group a bit of a bad rep over the years. But the organization has a number of merits, including its many interesting sex-related studies and its unorthodox leadership. Whether the organization is the right fit for you is another matter entirely.