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Towergate Coach Travel Insurance

Towergate Coach Travel Insurance Review

If you’re traveling by coach, it is essential that you protect yourself and your belongings with insurance. Towergate coach travel insurance offers comprehensive protection that covers medical costs, lost luggage and any unforeseen events while abroad.

Towergate Insurance Brokers of London offers personal and business insurance policies across all lines, with competitive pricing and exceptional customer service as cornerstones of their service offering. As licensed insurers with membership in the Financial Conduct Authority they pride themselves on a longstanding history in serving UK customers with great care and dedication to quality customer relations.

The company provides customized travel insurance policies to suit individual needs. For instance, they provide single and multi-trip coverage for people with preexisting conditions as well as specialist winter sports travel coverage. With any of the policies they offer, customers can easily obtain quotes online or over the phone and confirm coverage immediately.

Coach travel insurance policies provide protection in case of illness, death or other emergencies that could halt or alter your journey, including costs for additional accommodation, repatriation and any associated expenses if your trip must be cut short due to illness or accident. They also can cover personal belongings stolen or damaged during travel if they’re stolen or destroyed while away.

Coach travel insurance policies provide essential assistance if your trip is interrupted due to inclement weather or other unforeseen events, offering emergency dental and medical coverage if needed and missed departure flight coverage – something which will prove particularly valuable if traveling with children.

Some policies can even reimburse non-refundable expenses should Coronavirus (COVID-19) force you to cancel or change plans in response to its outbreak, though not all insurers offer coverage in this instance.

Towergate provides more than coach travel insurance policies – they also offer other personal and business policies like public liability coverage to protect members of the public who become injured while at public gatherings, legal costs for injuries to them or damage caused to property, professional indemnity insurance for professionals from many fields, as well as professional indemnity coverage for professionals across various industries.

Towergate provides outstanding customer support via telephone and email for each product line they offer, with an online policy management system to save and retrieve quotes – something customers ranked among their top priorities when choosing an insurance provider in our recent customer satisfaction survey.