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Dyson Hair Dryer Travel Case

Dyson Hair Dryer Travel Case Review

A Dyson hair dryer is a salon-level beauty tool. And a $430 price tag is no small investment, especially when it comes with a set of attachments to polish off a blowout.

The Supersonic is a great choice for those with thick, curly and/or damaged hair who want to get the most out of their at-home styling routine. In addition to being a fast and effective way to dry your hair, the Supersonic also helps protect it from heat damage by offering intelligent heat control that measures airflow temperature consistently.

With this technology, your hair can withstand up to 70% less direct heat than other conventional models. It also has four heat settings: 212oF for a quick and efficient blowout, 176oF for normal drying (when you have a bit more time to spare), 140oF for cooler drying and diffuser, and 82oF which is their cold setting — the ideal choice for when you’re ready to set your style with a blast of cool air.

How it works

The Dyson Supersonic uses a unique ring design to capture and direct airflow. This design prevents hair from tangling inside the air inlet grille, a common problem with other blow dryers.

Its design also means that the Supersonic is lightweight and feels balanced. This is a nice change from the more bulky feel of other blow dryers on the market.

Handle: Not the Most Easily Gripped

As with other conventional hair dryers, the handle on the Supersonic is curved rather than straight and it takes some getting used to to hold it as you would a traditional blow dryer. However, testers found that over time they were able to figure out how to grip the handle for maximum performance and comfort.

Testers who have large hands, however, reported a more difficult time grasping the handle at first. They were often unable to cover the air intake completely with their hand, which meant that the airflow was reduced and the nozzle wasn’t as effective as it could have been.

But that didn’t mean the Supersonic was a bad brush. With a little practice, all testers were able to achieve their desired style with the help of the re-engineered, magnetic attachments that come standard with each unit.

These attachments are designed to work with all hair types and textures – from straight and fine to curly and coarse. They come with three different attachments that allow you to rough up your hair, smooth it, and tame any flyaways before completing the look. And with their magnetic design, you can re-attach them quickly and easily so that you can use them multiple times.