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Miss Fortune Build Tft

How to Build Miss Fortune in World of Warcraft

Being aggressive early on is the best way to play Miss Fortune. Her aggressive play style allows Miss Fortune to seize the early game and then snowball into mid and late games. In addition, her damage output is high, which makes her a great choice for aggressive teams. If played in the right lineup, she can deal great damage while carrying items.

While Miss Fortune has strong damage champions, there aren’t many race combinations that can compete with this team. A Knight + Decay team might be a better choice. This team will provide greater damage block and be easier to complete. Knight champions have increased damage after a series of victories, so pairing them will provide a strong defensive force.

Another important characteristic of Miss Fortune is her ability-centric nature. This makes Miss Fortune a strong lane bully as well as a late-game threat for hyper-carry. She is a great choice for lane carrying teams due to her ability pool and high movement speed. She can damage and poke opponents while playing from a distance. This allows her to use gap closers and big flashes. She can also use her Strut movement speed bonus to make her a better choice for backing boots. Additionally, she can take Magical Footwear as an optional rune if she feels it is necessary.

Miss Fortune’s ability to reduce incoming heals by 50% is another important trait. To increase her attack speed, she can also use her double-up ability to activate Strut. This ability will reduce the enemy’s healing power by 50% for 6 seconds. This ability also has a five second cooldown reduction and bonus Critical Strike damage of forty.

The best way to play Miss Fortune is to build her items accordingly to the situation. You will be able use items that help you win games. To increase her durability and attack damage, she can also use armor, weapons, and potions. Generally, health potions are good choices for AD carry champions.