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Iowa Reading Research Center

The Iowa Reading Research Center

The Iowa Reading Research Center is a research institute dedicated to improving literacy skills in all students. It does so by conducting research, working with students, and providing professional learning for educators and school districts. The center also maintains a blog, where you can read about new literacy instructional approaches, updates on reading research, and literacy guidance for parents and teachers.

Deborah Reed

Deborah Reed, Iowa Reading Research Center director, has a unique background in literacy education. Her background spans several different educational sectors, including the inner-city school system, juvenile justice system, and literacy training for adult learners. She has worked with children and adults from kindergarten to college, and has experience working with struggling readers and students with disabilities.

Before joining the University of Iowa, Reed worked at the Florida Center for Reading Research and at Florida State University. She has published widely and is a former teacher of students with serious reading difficulties. Reed holds more than 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and sits on the editorial board of Learning Disability Quarterly. Her current research focuses on how best to teach students with disabilities to improve their reading skills.

Rooms 340 and 350 have been assigned to the iowa reading research center

Normally, the third floor of the Blank Honors Center is pristine and bright, but today, that pristine atmosphere has a new purpose: the Iowa Reading Research Center. The Center has relocated to this space during a $5 million renovation of the building. It was previously housed in the Lindquist Center, which houses the University of Iowa College of Education. The Campus Planning team looked for alternative spaces and ultimately selected the Blank Honors Center.

The center facilitates professional learning for educators on literacy instructional strategies and related topics

The Iowa Reading Research Center provides professional learning opportunities for educators on literacy instructional strategies and related topics. It also provides technical assistance to school districts in Iowa. Its website provides educators with literacy instruction, resources, and research updates. The center is dedicated to improving the literacy skills of students throughout the state of Iowa.

A coaching initiative focuses on early literacy instruction. Teachers work with a university-based literacy coach who provides feedback on how they are teaching students to read effectively. The coaches meet with teachers on a regular basis, either in person or remotely. In each session, teachers choose one specific instructional practice and the coach evaluates it in the context of the classroom. The coach provides both supportive and constructive feedback.

Students with dyslexia are served by the center

The Iowa Reading Research Center serves students with dyslexia in a variety of ways. For example, the center provides consultation sessions for teachers to improve their teaching methods for dyslexic students. Additionally, the center coordinates a dyslexia specialist endorsement program for teachers. This endorsement program is the result of Senate File 2196, which requires all pre-service teachers to learn about dyslexia.

The Iowa Reading Research Center also offers eLearning modules for educators and parents to help them better understand dyslexia and learn how to serve students with dyslexia. These online modules are free for Iowa residents and explore neurobiological causes and signs of dyslexia. They also examine the characteristics of instruction for dyslexic students. Another course, Understanding and Observing Literacy Skills Associated with Dyslexia, offers a more in-depth look at the skills that students with dyslexia have trouble with.

Partnerships with Sylvan Learning Center in Hiawatha

When a student’s school has trouble providing support for their child’s learning, Sylvan is there to help. Through both in-person and online options, Sylvan offers a wide variety of school support options. There is a program to meet every need and budget.

In addition to offering academic tutoring to students, Sylvan Learning centers are also seeking enthusiastic teachers for six to twelve-grade classrooms. These centers specialize in teaching reading, writing, grammar, and higher-level comprehension. Students are placed in small groups of no more than three students and their learning is tailored to their specific needs. Additionally, Sylvan Learning centers are not required to prepare lesson plans or hold parent conferences. In addition, teachers are free to work their own schedules, which allows them to focus on educating their students.

Impact of summer reading programs on 3rd graders

Summer reading programs can help students improve their reading skills. Typically, these programs provide students with a variety of reading materials and activities that build on prior knowledge. These materials include textbook strategies and phonics, as well as comprehension activities. However, in some cases, summer reading programs don’t necessarily boost reading levels.

Summer reading programs can also improve reading achievement in low-income and minority children. However, to achieve these benefits, summer reading activities must be targeted to students’ specific reading levels. In addition, teachers and guardians must encourage students to take part in these activities.